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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your ciders gluten-free?

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Yes all of our ciders are gluten-free except for any beer products or snakebite products that we offer.
Our Lake City Lager and Black Currant Snakebite are not gluten-free.

Are your ciders vegan?

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Yes all of our ciders are vegan except for any of our ciders that use Nova Scotia honey. Our Darkside Rosé and our Portland Heat fall under that category.

Do you offer food in your taproom?

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No we do not offer a food menu in our taproom. We do have snacks such as chips and corn nuts, but if you are looking for a meal we would suggest ordering take out from a Downtown Dartmouth restaurant (such as The Canteen or Side Hustle) and bringing it along to enjoy in the taproom or on the patio.

Are you dog-friendly?

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Yes, we are happy to be dog friendly inside our taproom as well as on our patio. We welcome well-behaved dogs and well-behaved people!

Do you sell kegs/cans to bars and restaurants?

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Yes we do! You can email our General Manager Russel for all availability and pricing information. His email is

Do you sell kegs for personal use? (i.e. weddings, parties, etc.)

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Yes we do! We are able to provide these with no notice required. We are happy to sell anything we currently have available in our fridge. You can email our General Manager Russel for all availability and pricing information. Besides the price of the keg, we do charge a 100% refundable keg deposit of $150. This includes a pump if you require one. We refund the deposit once the keg is returned.

Do you deliver locally?

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Yes we do! We offer FREE local delivery ANYWHERE in the HRM! We deliver 7 days a week so as long as you get your online order in before 1pm, you will receive it the same day! Our order minimum for delivery is $45.

Do you ship outside of Nova Scotia?

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Yes we do! We offer FREE Canada-wide shipping to any province or territory in the country. The order
minimum for achieve free shipping is $80. We will ship orders less than $80, but the shipping will need to be paid by the customer.

Do you offer any non-alcoholic beverages?

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Yes we do! We do offer non-alcoholic beverages for dine-in in our taproom such as non-alcoholic cider, kombucha, sparkling water and hot cider (seasonally).

Do you accept back plastic can holders?

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We sure do! You can bring them back to us for us to wash and re-use in the taproom or even try and catch one of our delivery drivers and they will happily accept them. Any color, any size, we will accept them!

Can I return my growler for a refund?

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Unfortunately we do not offer refunds or exchanges on growlers. The deposit of $8 on the date of purchase is non-refundable. The bottle belongs to you once you have bought it, but we are happy to refill it for years to come! We suggest rinsing the growler out with water immediately after it has been emptied.

I am a person or organization looking for a potential donation or sponsorship –who should I contact?

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For all inquiries, you can contact our General Manager Russel by email and he will be happy to assist you and donate if we can! His email is

How do I hear about new products and stay up to date on all things Lake City?

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If you join our mailing list, you will be the first to hear of any new promotions or products. You can do so directly on our website and new subscribers will also receive 10% off their first order! You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook with the handle Lake City Cider.

How can I purchase a gift card?

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You can purchase gift cards directly on our website through our Online Shop. Keep in mind this is an e-gift card – these can be emailed to the recipient, but if you would like a physical card, you will need to call our shop so we can process payment over the phone and mail it out. The phone number for this is (902) 466-7818 and any of our wonderful staff would be happy to help.

Does Lake City Cider do pop-up events?

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Yes we do! We are always open to hosting a variety of businesses in our community. In the past, we have hosted Real Fake Meats, Lawrencetown Candle Company, one of our more regular events, Plants and Pints with Tropical Elements! If you are a customer, keep an eye on our social media for incoming events. If you are a vendor and are interested in popping up at Lake City, send our General Manager Russel an email at to see about setting something up!

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