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Apr 17, 2023

Lake City Mule

This classic Mule is made with 4 simple ingredients but is packed full of flavour. Perfect for a date night by the fire or a great addition to brunch

Apr 12, 2023

Cider Mignonette for Oysters

[[ recipeID=recipe-8lgd4hmjv, title=Cider Mignonette for Oysters ]]

Apr 12, 2023

Creamy Chicken with Cider

[[ recipeID=recipe-9lgd44rxg, title=Creamy Chicken with Cider ]]

Mar 22, 2023

Raspberry Lemonade

This pretty spring cocktail is sweet and tart and perfect for small gatherings at home or a picnic on the go! The recipe is easy to make and a refreshing way to enjoy a taste of spring.

Mar 22, 2023

Cranberry Clementine Crush

The combination of the sweet citrus flavour of the clementines and the tartness of cranberry is perfect for a festive occasion or any cocktail party.
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